A global team helping you build websites and apps that make sense.

We bring to the table proven user experience and user interface design principles and a wide variety of past work experiences—from startups to large corporations; from small marketing firms to large advertising agencies; from sole proprietorships to the largest IT consulting firms all over the world.

As a developer, making good-looking UI is a daunting task. You probably end up making a hideous or plain-looking site/app even though your back-end code is top-notch! Hiring designers and/or front-end guy is expensive. This is where Dragfy Addons comes into play!

With Dragfy Addons, you can:
A. Have world-class UI for your product.
B. Save lotta time.
C. Deliver your projects, FAST.

And, you don’t have to:
A. Pay big-agency-price-tag!
B. Write repetitive front-end codes.

Our Goal

Our mission is simple. We want to help web developers create better websites or with less effort. We also believe in open source. So we decided that, we’d release a free version of every premium product we ever make.

Let’s make the web more beautiful, together!